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Willie and Joel Starlings, SAS ’15, Seven Hills School ’18

Barbara Vaughan, SAS ’01, UR ’13

Spring Cambric and her Family, SAS ’12, ’14, ’16

My Story
– The Guardian of a Fifth Grader

I used to think that my story was a unique story until I realized that grandparents, raising their grandchildren, is a common story these days. I was nearing retirement and never imagined that I would be taking over raising three grandbabies! However, circumstances existed that led me to accept the responsibility of raising my grandchildren. These children came to me with hidden health complications that I had no way of knowing until they were school-aged. Being an at-risk child often does not show up until the child enters the school environment where both social and academic learning accelerates.

One of those children was accepted to St. Andrew’s School. That was five years ago. Every year more and more problems arose. Had it not been for St. Andrew’s School, I know for a fact, that another school system would have labeled my grandchild to the point that she would not have gotten the proper education socially, educationally, or spiritually. Those are the types of things I praise St. Andrew’s School for. Its family-oriented atmosphere, the community feel….you know, the saying “it takes a village?” Well, St. Andrew’s School is a village and it is my village.

I get teary-eyed when I think about it, because I know that she may have had interventions at a different school. But their interventions are within a guideline in which you cannot maneuver. The intervention that we received for her was for she herself NOT the label and that’s the difference. At. St. Andrew’s School, each child is an individual, and my granddaughter is moving through this. She is a success story.

The pastor at my church had suggested St. Andrew’s School because our church already knew that the School was a unique, loving, and supportive place because of the grown children that we had seen graduate from there that we already knew.

She began in first grade. I saw a tremendous change in her whole demeanor from her public school person she had been in kindergarten. There was a huge change in my granddaughter between kindergarten and first grade. She felt like St. Andrew’s School was home. She really did. And what a wonderful home it is.

Each year brought significant growth to her self-esteem, her people skills, her self-control, and academic growth. Her grades have always been good but I see more of a willingness to learn as she gets older. I feel she is prepared for the next step which is middle school.

I have a feeling of euphoria, a satisfaction within my soul that I know if it had not been for St. Andrew’s School, her next step would not have been as satisfying or calming. The sense of accomplishment as we take each step along the way is so exciting. The accomplishment of having her accepted to Good Shepherd Episcopal School, is an affirmation of an incredible five years….of an incredible journey.

Nutritional Cooking at St. Andrew’s
– A Community Partner

When I first walked into the school I knew the program was going to be something special. The staff, students and their families all contribute to this school’s amazing atmosphere, and I am fortunate to be involved in the St. Andrew’s community.

Every class is based on a nutritional lesson which includes introduction to new foods, table manners, discussions of the benefits of eating healthy and cooking a delicious snack or meal. At first, all I heard was, “Mrs. A! Why can’t we make chocolate pie one day?” I always laugh and say just give the recipes a chance!! With every class, to no fail, the kids love making the different recipes and using new and different foods. I soon started hearing, “Mrs. A, I can’t believe this is SO good!!”

One of my favorite things about teaching at St. Andrew’s is not only the current group of students I am working with, but seeing all the past groups that have taken the program. When I walk in the door I look forward to hearing “Mrs. A!! What are you making today? Mrs. A, can you save me some!” I even have siblings, for example Joelle, who has to save some of what she makes for her brother, because he took the classes last session and always wants to try her creations! Each student implements their unique way of cooking, whether it be tasting as they go, or dancing when they chop; we are always having so much fun.

Tzatziki sauce with a whole wheat pita, peach salsa, fruit nachos, vegetable lettuce wraps, strawberry soup; these are just a few examples of some of the delicious foods we make every Tuesday in class. As we cook I also hear about how they cook at home and love showing off their new skills! Our classes are as wonderful as the children. If we get a little off topic and the conversation becomes about songs they like or what happened in school that day, I always know that what the kids at St. Andrew’s are learning is invaluable, and I am the lucky one that gets to be apart of it!

Student Story
– Travis Richard Cambric

My name is Travis Richard Cambric. I am 10 years old. I am in the fifth grade. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and I was born on May 4, 2001 at my mama’s house. I grew up with my mom. I view myself as a good person. I also view myself as a kind-hearted person. And I view myself as a good athlete. What I like about myself is that I’m a good citizen. I also like to help people. What I don’t like about myself is that I talk too much and I don’t know when to stop.

My first memory is when I was just turning 2 and I had a chocolate cake for my birthday and I had chocolate all in my nose and all on my face. Another memory I have was when I was first going to HeadStart I didn’t want to leave my mom and I started crying. But after I started going there for a few days I got use to it. Another memory I have was in second grade and I first got in the class room I saw 2 new students and their names are Larry and Philip. And when I was in the fourth grade I got a dog and his name is Dutch. My last memory I want to tell you is that when I was in kindergarten I was a very good boy and I got lots of treats.

My biggest fears in the world are guns, knives, and clowns. I’m scared of guns because if somebody has a gun and they pull the trigger the bullet might hit me. I’m afraid of knives because I might cut myself. I’m afraid of clowns because of their faces. The things that get me hyped are money, games, and fun places. The role models in my life are my mom, my family, and my close friends.

When I grow up I want to be a famous Breakdancer. I want to be a famous Breakdancer because I’m a good Breakdancer. And I want to be famous so I can give money to people that can’t afford a home. And I want to donate money to schools. And I’ll give money to my family too. Also I’ll buy a very big house with a big pool and a big hot tub. I also think I will be a lawyer.

I came to St. Andrew’s because it’s a good school and my mom put me in this school because she likes the private school policy. My favorite parts about St. Andrew’s are the teachers, recess, and a good education. I want to go to college because I want to learn more in school and if I have kids I want to teach them some of what I have learned.