Mission Statement

The mission of St. Andrew’s School is to educate children of limited financial resources through a balanced academic, social, and spiritual experience, shaped by the Episcopal tradition and inspired by Christian faith.


We remain loyal to Grace Arents’ vision of making St. Andrew’s School a model school for excellence in all that we do to serve our students and their families.


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Our Shared Values


We educate the whole child. We seek to help children achieve their academic potential and to develop their minds and natural abilities.


We seek to teach the children the power and value of respect for others, self discipline, and honesty, so that they will go out into the world as people of character, holding fast to their integrity as they handle life’s challenges.


We believe in God and that the Christian faith offers inner-strength, comfort and acceptance.

Unconditional Love

We offer the children an environment where they can feel the joy of unconditional love. We strive to give a sense of security and self-esteem that comes from being loved and accepted.

Commitment to Excellence

St. Andrew’s School strives to be a model for excellence in all that we do.