About Us

At St. Andrew’s School we believe every child, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances, deserves an education that equips them to thrive in our 21st century world. St. Andrew’s is one of a handful of schools in the country providing quality education to children from families living near the poverty level through a full scholarship for every child.

In 1894, founder Grace Arents was confident in her belief that a solid education was essential in preparing children to build successful lives as adults. More than 120 years later the school continues to be guided by that founding principle, educating children academically, physically, emotionally and spiritually through a progressive, whole-child approach.

Rooted in today’s best practices, our student-centered academic program is designed to develop passionate, lifelong learners. Children learn more deeply when they make their own connections through hands-on experiences and student-led questioning; this is the cornerstone of our approach.

Our whole-child model is comprised of Six Fundamentals:

 Academic Approach

 Social and Emotional Learning

Visual and Performing Arts

Wellness and Nutrition

Family Empowerment

Graduate Support

Taken together, these Six Fundamentals help us develop well-rounded young people who are cognizant of the world around them and are ready to thrive in middle school and beyond.