Head of School’s Welcome

Dear Friends and Families,

Welcome to St. Andrew’s School, a K-5 elementary school with a long-standing mission to educate students from families with limited financial resources. We are among a small number of schools in the country that provide a full scholarship for every child and, as one of the oldest, we are proud to continue the mission of our founder, Grace Arents.

St. Andrew’s is a whole-child school, developing children intellectually, physically, emotionally, creatively and spiritually. We believe in creating a loving, safe environment where children are surrounded by people who care about their education and their well-being, and where mutual respect is essential.

Developing the whole child means families are important partners. We believe the family is the child’s first teacher and can provide valuable insight into their child’s needs and preferences. School and family work together to ensure a student’s educational goals are being achieved.

A whole-child approach means a focus on health and wellness, which at St. Andrew’s means at least 150 minutes of Physical Education each week along with regular health and nutrition education. Weekly chapel and daily social emotional learning expand our wellness curriculum.

Finally, a focus on educating the whole child means giving our students abundant opportunities to engage in enriching experiences. We believe education should expand children’s views of themselves and of their local and global communities.

In St. Andrew’s School’s nurturing, safe and healthy environment, our students thrive physically, mature emotionally, engage socially and succeed academically. I encourage you to take a virtual tour through our site to learn more about our model and then I invite you to come in for a visit to see our school in action.

With warmest regards,

Cyndy Weldon-Lassiter, Ed.D.
Head of School