Educating for the 21st Century

At St. Andrew’s School we approach education from a whole-child perspective. We know that intellectual engagement, physical well-being, creative expression and emotional awareness are integral parts of the learning and growing process. In our supportive setting, students grow to love learning and develop respect for themselves and the world around them. Support and engagement are extended to the families as well, as we consider them our partners in the education of their children.

Our whole child approach incorporates the following 6 Fundamentals:

Academic Approach

Social and Emotional Learning

Visual and Performing Arts

Wellness and Nutrition

Family Empowerment

Graduate Support

In fall of 2017, the school will become an Extended Year/Extended Day model, extending our school day to 9.5 hours and our calendar year from 176 days to 196 days with additional enriching summer camp opportunities. Extended Learning Time is shown to improve academic achievement, especially for children living near the poverty level, as well as provide children with more time in a safe, nurturing environment during the week.

St. Andrew’s has served its long-standing mission to educate children from families with limited financial resources since 1894. Today, as then, we believe when children succeed in school, they thrive in life.